Manpower Supply

AL MALL is a new setup in Qatar and our new business is to supply foreign manpower for any industries.

Please feel free to forward me your details and my marketing team will contact you for an appointment and we will meet your demands for professional, skill and semi skills manpower from various country.


Services keep abreast of update database of candidate, professional, skilled, semi-skilled workers from Indian, Filipinas, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Nepali, Bangladeshi and other Nationalities aiming to be employed in various fields.

  • Supply Trained Man Power
  • Out Sourcing and Local Man Power
  • Carry out Selection and Training
  • Full Turnkey Assistance
  • Sourcing of Qualified Candidates
  • Screening and Assessment
  • Profiling of Candidate Information
  • Verification of Documents
  • Interview Arrangement
  • Verification of Medical Fitness
  • Prepared and Provide Travel Confirmation

Takes pride with its team specialist seasoned with the technical knowledge and proficiency in the man power supply and documentation which focus on the immediate response to the reads of the clients with on line information at full time.

Highly Qualified Engineering Professionals

Architect, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Landscaping, QA/QC and Safety Engineers

Highly Skilled/Semi Skilled Man Power

Engineers, Supervisors, Forman, Surveyors, Operators, Light and Heavy Duty Drivers, Electricians, Plumber, A/C Technicians, Instrumentation Technician, Fire Fighting Technician, Auto Electricians, Auto Mechanics, Pipe Fetters, Diesel Mechanics, Gas and Electrical Welders, Shuttering and Finishing Carpenters, Masons, Tiles and Marble Fixers, Painters, Helpers, Cleaners, Polishers, Store Keepers, Auto Electricians, Etc………